Bombay Sapphire The Art Room

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  • Client: Bombay Sapphire
  • Date: MACBA (Barcelona 2016) and MBFW (Madrid – February and September 2016)
  • Claim: The Art Room by Bombay Sapphire: Art, music and cocktails


  • Gin
  • Premium Gin
  • Art
  • Design
  • Music
  • Cocktails
  • Artwork
  • Perfect Serve

Brief / Objective

Can you imagine taking a Gin-Tonic inside a work of art? Thus, The Art Room by Bombay Sapphire was born, a unique experience where guests could enjoy a work of art while enjoying the perfect serve of Bombay.

Development / Planning

To do this, Bombay Sapphire designed an installation designed from the co-creation of three artists (an architect creating spaces, an interactive visual artist and a classical / modern musician) who built an experience around the search for the sublime through the three values of the brand: EXQUISTE, AVANT-GARDE AND WORLDLY.

During The Art Room by Bombay Sapphire took the guests to develop, from the different artistic languages, emotions and sensations that brought them closer to the search for the sublime.

The public invited to The Art Room by Bombay Sapphire enjoyed an authentic game of lights, mirrors, projections and music that transported attendees to different places in the world related to the origin of the Bombay Sapphire botanists.

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The Art Room by Bombay Sapphire, was a journey into the soul of Bombay Sapphire where guests could get to know their most arty and creative side of the brand while tasting the cocktails of the highest level.

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