Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club

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  • Client: Dewar’s
  • Date: Madrid 2017 and 2018; Barcelona 2017
  • Claim: Scotch Egg Club brings together Tommy Dewar’s two passions: whiskey and chickens


  • Music
  • Whiskey
  • Scotch Eggs
  • Photocall
  • Influencers
  • Hipsters
  • Tommy Dewar
  • Bartenders

Brief / Objective

Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club is a global campaign whose objective is that consumers know the brand from the origins of its creator through Dewar’s whiskey and scotchs eggs as protagonists.

Development / Planning

For the launch of the campaign, the Scotch Egg Club was held. A Club where guests could learn about the origins of Dewar’s whiskey, the story of its creator, Tommy Dewar and his two great passions: whiskey and chickens. All this, in a very hopster environment, where gastronomy, indie music, games and cocktails merged.

For this experience, Dewar’s counted with chefs and bartenders recognized nationally and internationally, who created their own versions of the schotch eggs and the different cocktails with Dewar’s whiskey.

In addition, the Scotch Egg Club has moved to different cities in Spain through mini actions where consumers enjoy the best Scotch whiskey and fun chicken games.

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Scotch Egg Club has allowed Dewar’s to achieve a greater positioning in the whiskey market through a young and alternative audience, generating at the same time a great impact in the media and social networks.

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