Tesla Pop Up Stores

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  • Client: Tesla
  • Date: Since 2017


  • Retail
  • Music
  • Stands
  • Photocall
  • Decoration
  • Creativity
  • Public Relations

Brief / Objective

Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that people did not have to make concessions to drive electric vehicles, and that these could be better, faster and more fun to drive than gasoline vehicles. Today, Tesla not only manufactures fully electric vehicles, but also supplies clean and scalable energy generation and storage products. Tesla believes that the sooner the world ceases to depend on fossil fuels and progress towards a future of zero emissions, the better. The objetive was clear: give visibility to a brand that promotes clean energy on have visibility in places with a large presence of people. This will make the Tesla brand recognized and associated with the convenience of being physically in massive places.

Development / Planning

Since 2017, Creativa has been working hand in hand with Tesla to develop the Pop-Up stores, providing advice and creativity to help meet the objectives. Our design and production team provides constant solutions to personalize physical spaces and provide creative showcase proposals.

Likewise, all the opening events have been promoted to invite potential customers, generating on-site sales from day 1 that the exhibition opens.

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Since 2017, Creativa has been helping Tesla on each opening of the pop-up stores around Spain, giving the brand presence and thousands.

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