Contrary to conventional thinking, we have built our agency on the principle that we should all be generalists. Whether it is a creative, media or production challenge that we are faced with, we believe that team members from all of our practice areas should be capable of contributing to the solution and understanding their counterpart’s area of expertise. This enables us to provide truly integrated solutions across all service offerings.

Our capabilities

We are strategic creatives, digital natives and experiential experts. At Creativa, we believe in our capacities and we always push ourselves to be one step ahead.

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Given our rich history and broad experience working with both large and small brands across all industry verticals, we believe that there is tremendous value in our ability to cross-pollinate industries with best-of-breed thinking.

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At Creativa, in addition to carrying out physical and strategic experiences, we also have 4 divisions that blend with our global vision, to offer our clients integrated solutions. That is why we have Global Gastrology, Auster, Creativamente and MAD, our arms in gastronomy, digital, audiovisual and architecture respectively.

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Global Gastrology is a platform of knowledge and dissemination that is born to promote and bring gastronomic culture closer -through different congresses, activities and events- and promote the sociocultural and economic value of gastronomy.

Global Gastrology, which has the support of the Ibero-American Gastronomy Academy chaired by Mr. Rafael Ansón, will promote both knowledge and gastronomic activities of the different countries that make up Ibero-America, supporting and promoting, at the same time, gastronomy at the international level.

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auster is a digital agency willing to transform brand and business models to take them completely to the digital world. We specialize in user experience, websites and mobile applications, strategy and management of social media, e-commerce, digital consulting and digital transformation. We take an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and place a strong emphasis on each detail, from the creative conception for a project, through design and code, to the launch and analysis of information.

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Creativamente is a production company specializing in creating audiovisual content focused on storytelling and communication strategy.

We work hand in hand with our clients to develop content capable of transcending the medium to project and persuade through a creative message.

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MAD object is to create unique – elegant – sophisticated spaces and to contribute to the world of design with a new fresh concept : the global design, a complete vision from shape to experience. This perspective creates itself from projecting a building, designing its furniture, creating its graphic design, and giving the client a complete service. In final delivery a complete and finished project, ready to work.

MAD Design, with a great experience in the world of design, architecture, fashion, graphics, industrial design, design of furniture, design of franchises, intends to contribute all its knowledge to its clients, current and future with this new project.